22 December 2009

My Father in Law and Barbies have in common

This afternoon was a celebration of service and retirement for my boss and secretary in the office. We hosted an open house for them and with lots of visitors comes a packed house, warm temperatures and a lot of noise. When things began slowing down and I back at my desk to close the windows, I heard my phone beep. The voicemail would have to wait... I had a some things to clean up and having just looked at the clock, I had about 5 minutes left before I had to leave for guitar lessons. A quick conversation with the staff and they volunteered to take care of the clean up. I was free to go. Before logging out of my computer, I ran out to start my van and it wasn't in the parking lot. Though the day had been chaotic, I at least recalled dropping it off for an oil change.

commercial break: Kurt's Auto Body in Elkader is EXCELLENT. Does great work, has good people skills, is a wonderful all around business to work with. Back to my story...

Kurt, in perfect normal time was bringing my van back in 5 minutes. I had failed to tell him that I had to leave early for my guitar lesson. A few minutes behind schedule I was moving down the partially snow covered road and listening to my voicemail.

It was my father in law who'd called an hour before from T0ys*R*Us. He was shopping for his little granddaughter. They are giving Bethany a Barbie powerwheels jeep for Christmas (that I got during my first Black Friday shopping experience). While shopping at T*R*U, he saw some Barbies on sale and thought he should pick up a few for her to have while driving her new jeep. He wanted me to call back ASAP.

Yikes. Big dilemma here. We don't like Barbie nor do we plan on our daughter having them as toys. How will I address this with Mark? By now he's either bought them or he hasn't, right? I wondered if I should call Ryan and let him be the one to break the news to his dad. No, Ryan has had a crazy day and is probably still working cattle or euthanizing a cat. Do I allow the Barbie so long as my mother in law agrees to help me make non-slutty clothes for the doll? What kind of message will that send? It sucks to have to tell a grandpa that his gift is inappropriate for my little girl.

I decide to call Mark back. I talk to him for a short bit about it and he starts LAUGHING at me. He was totally just pulling my leg. He wasn't out shopping, he was out burning his trash. He didn't consider buying the dolls for Bethany at all, he was just being funny. This is typically my father in law - full of poop but I didn't expect it at all. I was in the middle of a chaotic afternoon and trying to get to guitar lessons and not real well focused I guess.

Real funny Mark! It was real funny and I love that Mark is funny like that. Usually though I can spot his BS from a mile away.

I told Ryan about it and he just grinned from ear to ear. Mark had let him in on the joke earlier. Real funny guys! Ryan though gave me the perfect way to get him back. He suggested that I call and inform Mark that we finally found out why I've not been feeling good. That I would be expecting another child. That would get him for sure. But I couldn't say it without laughing because I'm NOT pregnant. I tried to talk Ryan into making the phone call but he didn't.

Several hours later, I'm still laughing about how my blood pressure went up and I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to reply to Mark before I actually called him back!

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