30 December 2009

I need YOUR help!

I have 110 tickets to sale for the Vacation Package. I have 4 days to sell the tickets. Would you please consider buying a few so I don't have to return the money.

Details on the tickets can be found in this blog post: http://tam4buit.blogspot.com/2009/12/vacation.html

You can mail me a check or use paypal: buitenwerf1976@live.com

*** I do have the option of postponing the drawing until I sell the 600 tickets but I'd really rather prefer to be done with this fundraiser so I can focus on other things.


CORI said...

I want to buy 2 tickets but I can't do it until Monday the 4th. Can I wait until then?

Alisha said...

I'll buy 4 tickets - can you send me it on paypal? alishadawn33@gmail.com :-) Praying for your adoption!

Renae said...

Sign us up for 5. Will paypal you here in a bit.