08 October 2008

Welcome to Our Home

Tomorrow night we host bible study at our house. This usually means that the night before is a cleaning frenzy or that Ryan is off at noon and can go home to clean and prepare food. Not this time. Not to say that we didn't do any cleaning, because we did, but it was minimal. I still haven't even vacuumed up all the dead bugs from our window sills (gotta love fall). So, what did I do last night?

After supper, I hurried Scott out the door to Cubbies and then went for a walk with my aunt, my grandma and Bethany. I left at 8pm to pick up Scott and as I got down the street, I realized that it was only 7pm. Man, that was a short walk! Instead of dropping his carseat off at the church so Ryan could bring Scott home, and going home to clean, I decided to stick around town. I stopped at my friend Vanessa's and we chatted for an hour. It was so good to have no agenda and just chat. At 8pm (it really was 8pm this time), I picked up Scott and headed home. While sitting on the toilet to poop (cause he has to do that in order to snuggle, works like a charm), I began cleaning the bathroom. Not because I wanted to clean, but because Scott started peeing while on the toilet and didn't bother to point that thing down. There was a rainbow stream across the bathroom, on the door, on the threshhold, on the wall oustide the bathroom and in the floor vent, not to mention all over the floor. Thanks Scott, like that's what I wanted to do tonight!
After finishing that task, I picked up the toy room (is that what it has become??? It was supposed to be a sitting room/library). Scott finally did his thing and proudly had to show everyone in the house and we headed upstairs. Put Boo-zilla into bed and then snuggled my little man. We read the same book as usual and like every night, he had to spell S-I-T-T-E-R each time we saw it in the book. Now that I was half asleep and not ready to clean anymore, we prayed in my bed before a quick teeth brushing and another prayer time in his bed and I tucked him in and was done with kiddos for the evening.
It would make sense that I'd go back downstairs and start cleaning since I'm having guests over for not only bible study but for supper. But no. Instead of cleaning I spent time with my kids and won't clean another thing before I go to bed.

Do you think there's a chance I'll wake up early and clean
that I'll leave work early to clean
that I'll welcome people into my very lived in home?

Let me know what you would do.


Amy said...

Well, you do live there right? You came to my house when it had not been cleaned in two weeks, but I made it "look" clean. I cleaned the kitchen floor, (crumbs always gross me out), I picked up the clutter and wiped down the kids bathroom (the bathroom that guests use). Could you tell that I had not cleaned my house? Did you see the dust? Probably not, because we were too busy visiting. That's how it usually goes, I never notice the lack of cleanliness of other people's homes, unless it's filthy...which I doubt your home is filthy. So just tidy up a little and rest in the reasons why you don't have time to clean your home...you have a life and a family!

Fantastagirl said...

Go for the lived in look, for two reasons - one, no one ever has the perfectly clean house all the time, and once in a while its nice to see someone else with a lived in home.

Ashley said...

If they are good friends I would go for the lived in look. If they are strangers I would come home early and clean. I am guessing these are people you know and therefore won't mind a bit!

Kristine said...

Welcome to the real world :) That's what I've tried to get myself used to doing. It's real life and you made good choices to spend good time with your kids and friends.