07 October 2008

RE: to Amy's comment

They're really cool. I saw a couple of them at Ashley's house and asked her about it before I started. They start ~$45 for a 12x12 with 20 pages. Each additional page is $1.50 I think. But that's not bad considering paying for a scrapbook, the paper, printing pictures, etc. The things she didn't like about it: you have to spell check each text box and she did it on a whim and would have left some pages out, and she didn't like the leather cover. The cool thing is that you can create it and let it sit there and make changes later if you decide you don't want a page and haven't ordered it yet. You can also wait till they have a sale to place your order. So, like right now they have a 30% off deal for the books and I'm hoping that I can get mine done while they still offer the sale otherwise I'll try to be patient and wait for another one.


Anonymous said...

Tammy you should try to make an album in my publisher. It is really easy, fun and allows so many different types of books.


Renee c/o 1998

Kristine said...

I made a birthday 5x7 book for the kids' party memories this year. Turned out great. I also made one just last week with the photo cover (8x8) of our recent beach weekend with friends. It also looks great, and I'm so pleased to finally have some pics taken care of! I've also got a My Publisher book that a friend did for Analise when she was tiny. It's GORGEOUS. But I'm stuck on Shutterfly bc I have liked their relatively cheap print prices and their quality is very good... and good frequent sales :)

Ashley said...

Can't wait to hear about the finished product!!