01 October 2008

Gas Prices

I was glad to see that gas prices were down, even in California. I was quite surprised that most the gas stations charged you $0.10 more per gallon if you used your credit card. If you paid with cash, it was cheaper. I didn't know if that meant you had to start handing them $20 bills or what.

In the financial course I took from Dave Ramsey, I learned that you should use your debit card as a credit card to protect you. Dave doesn't even know his PIN so I figured I could do the same. Our trip to CA was the first time that I wish I knew my PIN so I could pay less for gas (and maybe a few other times when I wanted cash back). I purchased gas the first time and after that Ryan used his debit card so we could get the cheaper rate.


Fantastagirl said...

Did you know that if you use your debit card as a credit card and pay at the pump in my town (all the gas stations) they will put a "hold" on your account anywhere from $1 to $75. Until the bank clears the transaction. But if you go inside and use the debit card as a debit card it doesn't put the hold on. Yep, guess who is going inside to pay for her gas.

Ashley said...

I thought it was illegal to charge more to use a credit card???

jerelyn said...

Yeah, isn't that a pain? Glad you were able to pay with a debit card afterall!