08 October 2008


Talked to a girl in town tonight. She's struggling financially - single mom, recently lost her job. She shared that they've been getting food from the local food pantry because money is tight. Nothing wrong with that I thought. She continued that she gets $1000 a month and her rent is $400 and her car is $350. My immediate response was for her to get rid of the car and buy a junker. She shared her reasons why she couldn't get a car and at the end of the conversation, she didn't have a leg to stand on. She NEEDS to get rid of the payment that's killing her. HELLO!!!!

Why is is that so many people can't figure out simple math. Don't buy a big fancy car if you can't afford it. Which then makes me think, don't buy a big fancy house if you can't afford it, even if the bank wants to loan you the money.


Wedehase Family Blog said...

AMEN sista! Jason and I have been extremely frustrated with that sort of stuff lately. Why is it that people who CHOOSE not to live within their means always get a hand-out, but those who struggle to live within their means (but just barely) get nothing!

When we bought our home 4 years ago, the lender told us, are you sure you only want to borrow $XXX amount? You qualify for twice that much! Why do you think so many people are in forclosure. Because they took money from the lenders that they were told they could afford! GRRRR!!!

(Tanya steps off her soap box now.)

Ashley said...

EXACTLY! So frustrating.

Ashley said...

BTW I bought my car off of Ebay and pay $100 less a month then that person. I would love a nicer car but don't go that route because (foreign concept to most people when thinking of their finances) I can't afford it!!

Jody said...

Unfortunately people have been conditioned to blieve that they "deserve" the nice car and big house. Work for it? Afford it? HA! Not in our "entitled" society!

Daddy_O said...

I gues it depends on the type of car it was, you didn't say. Was it aready a junker? Would a junker be any better if it was in the shop all the time? I agree with you 100% don't buy what you can't afford, but don't. Use your head though. Maybe public trans for awhile.