16 October 2008

Feeling a Little Offended

It's Boss' Day. Each year, our secretary takes care of getting our boss a little something. I remember last year being irritated that she buys something and tells us after the fact that we owe her money. It's usually 2 or 3 bucks a piece so its not a lot of cash but what irritates me is that she doesn't ask us ahead of time if we want to go in on a gift. Is it right to buy a gift and expect people to pay without asking?

This morning though was a little different. Our secretary is off today so I took it upon myself to make a card from the whole staff and buy him a big bag of his favorite candy. The secretary calls in and talks to one of the guys who tells her that I made a card and bought candy. She apparently didn't like what I'd done and asked him to go downtown and pick up a gift certificate and we can split the cost later. Now I'm irritated for two reasons: 1. Once again we'll be expected to chip in later, 2. My idea wasn't good enough.



Fantastagirl said...

You know Hallmark ought to be smacked for making up holidays that make people feel guilty so they end up buying their boss something. Our office ends up doing something, but we talk about it before hand and keep the cost down.

Fantastagirl said...

Hey - stop by - I have an award for you!

Renae said...

We gave our boss a gift card! Hee! We like him! He is SO much more relaxed, yet very knowledgeable.

So we decided just to welcome him, and in case he ticks us off and is out of luck for next year, we'd be nice this year. So a silly card and a gift card (just enough to feed a single guy at the nicest restaurant in town). He was so appreciative!

Did I mention that we like him!?

Kristin said...

I sent an e-card to my boss and she repsonded so grateful -- she didn't even know it was bosses day!

Ashley said...

I'm so glad you posted this. When I read it (it was on Boss' Day) I had to scramble to get our boss something. I would have forgot had it not been for you!!