10 October 2007


We've had several people move into town from Kentucky. I joke that the South is taking over. But each of these individuals are wonderful and we're glad to call them friends. The other day Chris was pointing out all the words we say differently around here. And he commented that the others from Kentucky had really noticed how much people say "yep". As we chatted, he had his own Texas-ism (he's originally from Texas) and we all got a good laugh. This week I've really paid attention to how often I say "yep". I say it A LOT!

Yesterday I was on the phone with Sarah (from KY) and in the conversation said "yep". Immediately I clenched my teeth as if I shouldn't have said it. So I laughed and explained to her that I knew she noticed how much it was said and had been watching how often I say it. She really didn't care but thought it was sort of entertaining. As we got off the phone, the following was said:
me: okay, I'll talk to you later
S: yep
And then lots of laughter as it has rubbed off on her too!

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Ashley said...

Glad to hear you are making fun new friends!