22 October 2007

Junior High Girls Night Out

I work with the junior high awana program. So, we recently had a girls night out. The plan was to hang out and watch chick flicks. It was fun, we ate lots of food, saw a few new faces and some stayed up way too late (6am). But the reason behind my post is this:

One of the girls picked out a few movies to choose from. One was the movie dodgeball. We immediately told the girls that they couldn't watch that one because of the content (in fact I'm embarrassed that we own it and don't think we even watched the whole movie). If you're not familiar with this movie, check out Plugged In's movie review. Anyway, when I was cleaning up after the girls yesterday, I saw that the movie case was out of the cabinet and the DVD was in the player. It appears as though they watched it after all the adults went to bed (3am) even though they'd been told they couldn't. Needless to say I'm quite dissapointed in them. I'm not sure how to discuss it with them. Do I simply tell them that I'm dissapointed? I told Ryan about the situation and he shared that this week we start the "peer pressure" cd for teaching time and we could possibly tie it in with that. I guess I just don't want this to be completely ignored nor do I want to come across as super mean. We're trying to build relationships with these girls. Regardless of how raunchy the movie is, the fact is that they had it in the DVD player after they were told not to.


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Ashley said...

It definitely needs to be brought up. I think you can deliver it in a certain way...like have everyone sit in a circle and say, "I want to take this time to discuss what happened this weekend. I found the dvd I thought I had told you not to watch in our DVD player. This has me really concerned and I wanted tot alk to you about it. What happened?" Coming from the approach of concern and confusion (even though you aren't confused) rather then anger will help a lot. Then after they discuss everything I would implement some type of punishment to ALL the girls who were there because no one stopped it or told you. Let me know what you decide to do...