18 October 2007

He beats my child

Last night I put Scott to bed early and went downstairs to the youth group. Over the monitor I hear him greet the barking dog. Sure he was out of bed, I went back upstairs to find my child sitting up in his bed and now greeting me with "I'm awake mommy". I coaxed him to lay back down and promised to check on him in a few minutes. Usually he falls right to sleep and I check on him before I go to bed. This time, he stayed awake and began to cry when I didn't come back soon enough. Ryan rescued him from his bed and brought him down to youth group. Okay, my kid really needed the sleep after being up super late at Erin's birthday party (which he was the star of). But, what can you do?

Ryan brought him downstairs as youth group was ending. Well, my husband starting screwing around with another leader. He picked up a shoe and was pretending to hit the other leader. Ryan raised his hand as if to threaten Ben with the shoe, only he was holding Scott. As he raised his fist, he nailed Scott in the face with it. The edge of the shoe caught Scott on the bridge of the nose and in the eye. He screamed. For awhile. So much for getting the kid to bed. Ryan felt horrible and we stayed up for another few hours watching Veggie Tales and snuggling all the while his eye was swelling and he wouldn't even use a cold cloth on it.

This morning I stayed home to let the kid get some sleep. Poor baby. It gave me some time to clean up from the party since I didn't get to do it last night as Scott wanted my full attention.


Ashley said...

Awwww poor Scott! Hopefully he is doing better!

jerelyn said...

On no!! Poor little Scott. I hear little boys are adventurous and love to play rough...I'm sure that won't be the last bruise or bump he has!