18 October 2007

Lying Still Gets Me in a Predicament

Erin's birthday is today. Another girl and I planned a surprise birthday party for her at my house. To help with the surprise, I was taking Erin out to supper and then back to my house for the party. Sunday I spoke briefly with Erin, enough to know that we were still on for Tuesday night. Monday and Tuesday I called several times to finalize times, locations, etc since we had to be back at my house by 7pm. Erin isn't the best at returning phone calls and I felt like I was stalking her. I even sent her a text message which is so not my thing. I was getting a little nervous when Tuesday rolled around and I'd still not heard back from Erin. The cake was made, food at my house, decorations up and friends planning to come over. The following occurred:
mid morning - sent a text message to Erin
1143am - text message from Erin asking to reschedule since she now had to work that night
1144am - I freak out a bit and google Kristen's work phone #
1144am - call Kristen and chat about options
1150am - text message Erin asking if we can reschedule to 7pm (I thought she would work till 9pm but wanted to make sure)
noon - googled Erin's work # and called her supervisor for help. Opted not to leave a voice mail
after lunch - called her several times and impatiently waited
130pm - tried calling her supervisor again
215ish - sent text message to Erin saying "I need to talk to you ASAP, call me"
230pm - text from Erin saying she'd call at 245
3pm - picked up the phone to call her again, she was calling at the same time

The poor girl thought that something was seriously wrong with me or the kids since I'd called so many times. I assured her that I was fine but that I couldn't reschedule. She, of course, was confused since I'm not a high maintenance person. So, I finally told her the truth, that she was about to ruin her surprise birthday party if she worked. Simple enough. Things work so much easier when you tell the truth. Erin was able to reschedule her work which caused a written warning and made it to supper and her surprise birthday party.

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Ashley said...

Oh no! She got a written warning? Sad!!

Hope the party was fabulous and that you all had a great time!