10 October 2007

Nine Days

Nine days since I've posted, wow. Here's a quick glimpse into my past week:
- Bethany held her own bottle the other day. Its not a regular thing but we caught a picture of it.
- Bethany also really enjoys standing now and is pretty good about putting weight on her legs for a short while.
- Scott has learned parts of two new songs in the last two days. He can now sing ABC's, count to 19, sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me and the Vegies Tales theme song.
- My cousin Sarah came to visit last Friday and left Thursday morning. I was a bit unsure of how the visit would go since we've not seen each other in a while but it was a great time. I love my cousin and was bummed to see her go. We visited Pike's Peak State Park, shopped in Decorah, hung out with my friends, ate a lot of good food and chit-chatted a bunch. Good times.
- My evenings have been cram-packed with activities. Last Tuesday I had a work meeting. Wednesday is youth group, Thursday is bible study. Friday-Tues morning I had my cousin and last night we went to a friend's house. I'm tired today! Tonight is youth group and tomorrow is bible study. I can't wait until Friday
- I have a doc appointment today. My c-section incision is not normal. I originally thought it was just irritated from my jeans rubbing and my belt pressing against it when I sit. But, its getting worse. So Dr. Ryan will check that out and we're also going to discuss my tailbone issue. Its been painful since February and I'm so sick of it.
- I've been out in the field for work a few times lately. That's been nice to get a break from my desk. I'll be out tomorrow and Friday so I'm hoping it warms up a tad here.


Jody said...

My 2nd c-section didn't heal as well as my first. I still have some numbness and strange swelling once in a while. My dr says nothing is wrong.

Wow, look t the kids getting so big! Holy cow!

Ashley said...

How did it go at the doctor?