24 October 2007

A few Thoughts

1. I just looked back at previous posts and one title said "lying still gets me in a predicament". By that I meant to say that after many years, I still can't get away with lying. I did not mean anything about lying down anywhere.
2. I was checking my blog to see if I'd previously mentioned the lump in my breast. I didn't. However, I just wanna update that he doctor thinks that everything is just fine. However, after just hearing that a local lady just found out she has stage 4 breast cancer after being told the last 8 months that it was just mastitis (she was breastfeeding), I'm going to make sure. So, a biopsy will be done next week on that.
3. Why do doctors think that the world revolves around them and their schedule? Seriously, I can't make my appointments wait at work nor do I think its appropriate to do so. Yesterday I waited for 30 minutes in the lobby while I watched 3 others that arrived after me get called to the back. After 30 minutes, I went back to the desk and questioned the waiting. Some minutes later I was called back. And in the end the doctor didn't have time to do the biopsy that I was told would be done. Grr!!! Now to give him some credit as I do really like the guy, my referral from my doctor said "consult" and didn't spell out the biopsy details. However, he is the specialist and should have thought right away to have enough time to get that done. Grr.
4. One day each week for 3 weeks I'll be taking off a half day to do something at the doctor's office. This is ridiculous!


jerelyn said...

Yikes! Will be praying for you! Keep us updated. :-)

jerelyn said...

By the way, when my dad used to go in for his chemo treatments, they often made him wait close to TWO HOURS while they "got things ready". What?! lol. Yeah, it can be ridiculous sometimes!

CORI said...

If you have a lump then your IBT's must have doubled in size! HAHA. I crack myself up.

Much love and hope that the doc visit goes well.

PS - Couldn't Ryan have checked for mastitis?

Fantastagirl said...

Sending a ton of good thoughts your way. I'm so glad you are getting this checked out.

Ashley said...

Hmmm...hope everything works out OK! And yes, that is TOTALLY FRUSTRATING!