02 October 2012


Meet Pepsi.

She's one of our baby kittens from last year.  She's also our momma kitty of those 3 cute kittens Bethany has shown you recently.  But most importantly, she's Bethany's cat and she's well loved.

Friday night when I got home, Pepsi snuck in the garage, as the cats try to do each day.  As I shoo'd her out, I saw that she was limping, with her back leg pulled up near her body.  But it wasn't firmly against her side.  In fact, the leg was dangling back and forth.  I just knew that it was broken in two and so I called the vet.  Our Friday night plans got put on hold and our family headed to the vet clinic with Pepsi in hand.  

Boy and I glad to be married to a veterinarian! 

The kids got to learn right along side their daddy.  They stood behind the protective wall during the actual x-ray but they dressed in x-ray appropriate attire, helped Ryan develop the x-rays, and snuggled Pepsi in between x-rays to help keep her warm.

sideways, I know.  But notice big brother as he nurtures his sister and her kitty.

The x-ray found that her right femur was broken.  

It also confirmed what Ryan suspected.  Pepsi had also been shot.  See if you can find the bullet in the above picture since I forget to put an arrow towards it.  I was angry and frustrated that someone shot my cat.  Our mommy cat.
The bullet hole is the spot mid thigh on her.

We love our animals.  Pepsi is a farm cat.  If Ryan wasn't a veterinarian, Pepsi would likely not have the treatment she received.  Because Pepsi is Bethany's kitty and because Bethany is daddy's girl, Ryan was sure to provide the best of care for this sweet, but partially wild, cat.

Oh how I love my veterinarian!

I tried to leave out the gory parts.  But I just had to share this one.  All these pictures are sideways thanks to blogger but you'll get the picture.  Below is Ryan sewing the muscle together after removing the broken leg, trimming the bone (the worst part for this country girl), and tying off several vital parts of the cats' inner workings.  If you want the technical gab, you'll have to ask the Doc.  

With the surgery complete, and a little cleaning up to do, here is Pepsi.  Otherwise known and Pepsi 3-D or Diet Pepsi.  We'll take your suggestions on other fun ways to change the Pepsi name.

 We carried a groggy Pepsi home that night, 3.5 hours later.  She may lose a little of her wild-ness in the coming days with all the attention she's getting, the time in the house, and the special attention to her diet and medications.

A few days later, here's our Pepsi.  Still a wonderful momma kitty.  And in the world of veterinary care my husband is a rural veterinarian and not a specialized surgeon.  But if you look at that picture closely, he did an amazing job of sewing her up!

We're four days post surgery.  She's doing well.  She's getting around with much more ease outside and is starting to keep on her feet on the wood floors in the house.  With that said, she's still getting watched closely.  Because that bullet that was up above her break was left inside.  Ryan was afraid he'd do more damage than good by removing it.  With antibiotics, we have our fingers crossed that we can keep infection at bay and maybe, just maybe he can remove the bullet at a later date.