22 October 2012

Football Night at Awana

AWANA is the midweek youth program our church does.  We have various theme nights throughout the school year.  Last week was football night.  Scott wore is Cyclone football uniform.  Bethany wore her daddy's high school jersey plus a pink tutu because she insisted on being a cheerleader.  She was a bit dissapointed that she didn't have pom-poms.  

This is my sweet boy.  

And my sweet girl.  Ready to head to AWANA with her brother.

Bethany with one of her little friends from school.  It was so cute to watch them have fun.

Sporting the jersey and the tutu from teh back side

 She didn't get her food finished in time.  But she wasn't willing to give up her hot dog because it had relish on it.

Loved this picture.  You can't see that he's reading his book but he was quietly reading with his helmet nicely sitting on the table.  So thankful that this boy can sit still when appropriate.

I love my little Sparkies each week.  Especially these two!