23 October 2012

Without Prompting

Last night we were working on verses.  Bethany decided to write out her verses.  She was so precious!  Kneeling at the couch, she was copying down the verse in her little notebook.  Without my prompting.   

She's also learning to read.  Without my prompting.  She's asked to learn before.  But, like most things, she finds them entertaining for a short period of time and then she's on to something else.  She asked to learn to read so we started the lesson book for reading.  It didn't last more than 10 lessons.  In school, she's been learning all the sounds of the letters.  Last week while working on her verses, I was scrubbing dishes and she was waiting for my help.  While she waited, she was sounding out the words.  It was so neat to hear!  And tonight, she continues sounding out words.  She doesn't have many sight words memorized.  The ones she knows aren't the easy ones either.  Regardless, she'll be reading in no time.  I think it has recently clicked.

Thank you teachers are teaching Bethany to read.  Her excitement to read is priceless!