08 October 2012

Thank you Lord for the Little Things

I tossed and turned again last night.  This morning I drug myself out of bed and headed downstairs.  Already behind schedule, I sat down briefly and could feel the ache in my back and thought to myself "oh how I could use a day off of wo... DAY OFF, I do have a day off today."  So, I headed back upstairs and announced to my husband that I was crawling back in bed.  Sure that my kids also had the day off, it was going to be what we call a "stay at home day".  But no, the kids don't have the day off.  In my sweats, we started into the morning routine with the kids.  But it looked a little different this morning as we snuggled on the couch and read books, reviewed verses for SPARKS club, and did not rush.  Instead of the usual morning craziness, it was a different crazy this morning.  We headed out the door, with a 3-legged cat in my coat, the children fighting over seats in the van, and winter coats and hats on.

Back home, I enjoyed my coffee, caught up on some reading and now it's time to start on my to-do-list for today which is incredibly too long.  After a long weekend hosting Brett from Stand to Reason, I'm ready for a nap!  Alas, that to-do-list is calling and I'm going to thank the Good Lord for the little things today - like a day off to catch up around the house... or call up some farmer friends and see if they'll let me do some more of this: