15 April 2012

Tea/Coffee Party

When I informed my daughter that some kids would be coming over to play, she immediately began preparing for a tea party for the girls. She was so precious and she ran around paying attention to each small detail. She had her finest mis-matched tea set on the table. Like her classy momma, she knew that the party needed a little more than tea. Not knowing exactly how many girls were coming, she grabbed a hand full of the following items for her friends: a baby doll to play with, a hat, and a bag of goodies.

Our friends arrived - 3 of them girls and 3 of them boys. You can imagine the excitement in the house between the 9 kids. Bethany took on hostess duties immediately handing out her goodie bags. And no sooner than the tea party started, the kids were all headed out to the trampoline. That's how it goes sometimes. We get all prepared for what we want to do and what we think our friends want to do but it doesn't happen that way.

A few hours later when all the friends had gone home, Bethany became one sad little girl. She was heart-broken that the girls didn't have a tea party with her. It was so sweet watching her and so sad seeing her sadness. So, the two of us had a simple little tea party while I ate my supper and I promised her a full out tea party Sunday afternoon.

This afternoon came and we both almost forgot. As supper time rolled around, I was reminded of my promise. I stopped what I was doing and began preparing for a tea party. With fancy Ethiopian coffee dishes.

She was so excited as we prepared for the party. She cleaned off her dollies and toy tea sets, we grabbed a table cloth, brewed some watered down coffee, added some milk and began enjoying our coffee/tea party with Judah along for the fun. She served like the kind-hearted little girl that she is.

Judah did better at drinking coffee than serving.

They were both careful and serious about this party. Bethany couldn't wait to have the sugar that was in the coffee (there was none).

And like the knight and shining armor that he is, when Daddy came home, he joined his precious little princess for a cup of coffee. She adores him as you can tell in this picture:

"Cheers"... do you do that with coffee the same way you would with a glass of wine???
And if you can't tell by this picture, the adoration is mutual between these two. Oh how I love them.

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