28 April 2012

Artificial Twins

When you adopt a child within 9 months of age of an existing child in your home, in the adoption world they call that artificial twinning.  It's not recommended, or allowed, by some adoption agencies.  Not understanding why, I asked Holt (our agency) why that had that unwritten rule.  The concerns are for that newly adopted child to have his own identity.  To be in his own class at school.  Like most moms, I thought I knew best.  I argued that Holt's theories while valid, weren't flawless.  After all, with Bethany and Scott having summer birthdays, they could go either way on their grade.  I argued that if we home-school some day, they won't have separate classes anyway.  In the end we have our two youngest who are seven months apart.

Identity so far hasn't been an issue for Judah.  In fact, being so close in age has really helped him.  He is bonded TIGHT with Scott.  While Scott tends to be his security blanket, Bethany is his favorite playmate. I heard the two little ones playing last night and as I walked by the stairs, I saw two little kids coming down the stairs on their bottom like a train.  It was adorable so I had to grab the camera.  Check out my two little artificial twins who, almost 2 years after bringing Judah home, seem to have no identity issues.

The only identity issues are Bethany's.  Besides clarifying that she's 4and a half, she also likes to dress herself.  Much to her momma's dismay, she doesn't always match perfectly and her style is a little eclectic.  When I saw her getting dressed yesterday morning she had a striped shirt and the striped tights.  I asked her to pick a different shirt cause stripes and stripes don't match.  This is what she came down wearing:
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