08 April 2012

Easter Pics

What a day to celebrate --- the risen Lord. We were down in central Iowa for the weekend hanging out with some new friends and with family. This morning we started the day off right with St@rbux, I mean, worshiping the King who rose from the grave. After church, and a big lunch with Ryan's side of the family, we have a very simple Easter egg hunt. I'm so thankful that my kids were excited for their piddly, but cute, little baskets. Here are a few pictures:

The first is of Judah having sat on this concrete yard decoration. The turtle "bucked" him off and he winced but got right back on and I caught this look with the camera... do you think he was mad at the turtle for bucking him off?

As usual my 3 are hard to get pictures of. Someone's (if not all of them) usually not participating! So, we're thankful for any decent individual or group pictures. Here's Scott.
I looked at the camera after snapping this short and loved it. When I looked at it on the computer tonight, I loved it even more. If you fast forward 20+ years, this could be a wedding photo shot. If you would have seen the picture that's more zoomed out, you'd know her dress isn't fluffed around her at all and she's not sitting very lady-like. Oh well, she's still stunning.
And my little cheeser. Such a fake smile for him. But a handsome little boy regardless.
And one of all 3. There really wasn't a "best" one at all. But they're mine and I love them.
Happy Easter everyone. Thank you Uncle Mike and Aunt Betty for once again opening your home to all of us!

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