20 April 2012


She may be my mini-me, but that drama must be thanks to her Auntie :) My wild little girl has had quite the week, including the song she's singing about me not knowing anything but God does and then stopped to ask me if God's disciples know anything. So, she's not just drama, but also RANDOM! And maybe trying to stay awake.

This week she had a rough week. On Monday Judah hit her in the head with a plastic bat. Ryan caught it on video and pasted it to facebook. Then last night, after getting trouble and confessing to the sitter that she couldn't sleep with the boys when she gets in trouble, she was moved to the spare bedroom. At 130am, she some how fell out of bed and was screaming like mad. I was super tired and not wanting to be awake. Snuggling her in bed didn't quiet here and in those few moments, I wished that she was still breast-fed so I could let her latch on and hush her up! Tired mom + being woke up in the midnight hours = grumpy mom. She managed to scrape her side of her foot, had a little gash in it, and complained of her fore-head hurting. Did she hit that bruised bump she got from the baseball bat?

This morning she told me her face hurt when she swallowed. I picked her up tonight and the side of her face is bruised. I guess that's where she hit when she face planted. So we get home and we have a big puddle on the concrete slab where our garage will be built. Clearly each child was told to stay out of it. As soon as I got done with a potty break, I watched all 3 of them choosing to disobey. The boys were running through the center of the 2" deep puddle, wet up to their calves, and running over to grab mud to throw into the water. Bethany was racing through the puddle on a trike. I watched them have fun for a few minutes before going out to stop them. While stripping down to their skivies on the porch, Bethany says amusingly that they probably wouldn't get to have their planned movie night. Imagine that!

Inside for supper, she thinks we should snuggle and assures me that I need someone to snuggle with until Daddy gets home. Oh Bethany, I will gladly lay alone in bed until Daddy gets home! She insists and as I type, she's curled up next to me wiggling around non-stop. I think I'm going to let her fall asleep, then sneak out of the room so that her daddy can snuggle with the wiggle worm when he gets home :)

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