25 July 2011


So, I've been wanting to make a trip to CA to see family and friends.  Tonight I saw a picture from way back in the day of my Uncle Kenny and two of my cousins.  My uncle died when I was 7.  It was a walk down memory lane when I saw the picture.  And it reminded me of reason #8 that I want to go home to Kingsburg.  I miss my abuela.  And reason #19, I miss my two cousins who I haven't seen in  years but want to catch up with.  My cousins who lost their dad while we were really young and who I didn't really know when he died but got to know a few years later when they lived with our family. 
I even looked at last minute airline tickets thinking I'd make a last minute trip to CA.  But they were $903.  A lot more than I can pay for a ticket.  So, for now, I'll continue to try to plan skype dates with my girlfriends like Baker who request to skype when the wild children are still awake. 
Lots going on right now.  Check out my www.journey4hope.blogspot.com for what's rocking my world right now.

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