16 July 2011

What a Day

When your son is in the men's bathroom, needs help wiping and your husband is gone, what would you do? I called on Ben. He does not do that. So instead he cleared the bathroom and guarded it while I took care of the son who didn't want to put down his toys long enough to wipe. Grr. Good thing was that he knows his dad's full name when asked by the guy in the next stall after asking for his dad.

When you let your daughter wear a gold ring so that she too feels like a princess and she loses it, what do you do? She didn't want the ring to get wet when she washed her hands at DQ so she took it off. She thought to tell us about it when we sat down at the wedding reception 20 minutes later. Ryan went back to DQ, asked about the ring, searched high and low in the bathroom, went threw the nasty trash and no ring. Visions of passing that down to her own daughter some day are gone. It was the first and last time she wore it. Sad.

Speaking of DQ, while there for a slushy I saw a woman using sign language. In the deaf culture it's rude to know sign and not tell them because you can basically eaves drop from a long distance away. I waved my hands, got the women's attention and informed her that I knew sign language. Excited to use what little sign I knew, I went over to the table and sat down with the deaf couple. That's right, both deaf. My sign language was never great but it's been a long time and it's really not good now. Thankfully he could read lips. We managed a very simple conversation. My hands were shaky as I tried to recall the various motions to converse. I was excited to try. I think they were also excited that I took the time to try.

The woman went into the bathroom after Bethany. If she found the ring and kept it, I hope it blesses her. Obviously, I'd rather them be honest and report the ring. But if someone else is going to have it, maybe it will be a blessing for them.

JB and Blake's wedding was awesome today. Loved it. Loved the message that Shane gave that challenged not only the bride and groom but all of us who are married. Good stuff. Their reception was equally fun. It's always good to catch up with friends.

A long and stressful day is done. A few other gray hair moments today:

  • Kids streaking their undies

  • cutting a finger on the glass of a pic frame that he opened up when he was supposed to be in bed. Ruined picture, cut finger, disciplined child and tears could have easily been avoided with obedience.

  • and a few other things that aren't worth mentioning.

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