15 July 2011

This past week we've had fun with Grandpa and my two nephews. We went to the museum/aquarium, went fishing and celebrated Scott's 6th birthday. Here's a few pictures to share. In no particular order (because I'm too lazy to re-arrange them):

Scott had a hand full of gifts. I love that there weren't tons of new stuff. I love that we mostly just hung out and celebrated. I love that one of his friends/cousins gave him a gift all on his own, without the help of an adult.

No super detailed cake this year. He didn't rave over it. But he didn't complain about it either.
Oh, and my daughter. My spitting image. Yes, there's a great need to pray for the future of this child. In this photo she's saying "look momma, I can walk down and backwards back up the slide". Great Bethany.

My boy in his new glasses. Hopefully tomorrow we can get them adjusted to his face, cut their nails, and do other things that we've been too busy to take care of this past week.

This afternoon Ryan took off from work. Ryan took his son and my daddy-o mini golfing. Scott and Dad both managed a hole-in-one.

She was screaming with excitement over the fish she caught. I caught video of her reeling in the fish while letting out her squeels and giggles.

Such a great person to take pics of. Sometimes she's stubborn and won't smile for me. We actually took several really cute pics in which she would not smile. Again, my spitting image. But she is cute. And if she's cute and she's my spitting image, that means... yes I followed that too.

The three littles petting a turtle. Three energetic kids all within 12 months of age. Oh, what fun.

Another of my girl. As long as one person was paying to steer the boats in the water, my kids thought they were steering. It was awesome. Until I made them leave.

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