03 January 2011

so thankful

I'm so thankful this morning that my house didn't burn down.
Simple enough statement right?  Of course, I have a few details to share.  I turned the tea kettle on this morning for our daily hot chocolate routine.  The water was hot before Ryan came downstairs so I turned the stove top to low.  When Ryan came down he asked if the water was hot and we went on with our normal routine and eventually left for work.
After dropping the kids off at mom's, I called the lawyers office to see if I could stop by to sign some paperwork.  Jerem said to give him 15 minutes.  Heading towards West Union, I thought I could just stop back by the house.  It would give Jerem the time he needed and I could grab the lunch I'd forgotten.
Boy was I glad I stopped by the house when I walked into the kitchen and the stove top was on with nothing sitting on it.  See, I'd gone outside the normal routine and turned the stove to low rather than off.  My bad.  Back on the road to West Union, I was so thankful that I stopped by the house.  My mind ran wild with "what if's" and I'm glad that today, I don't have to experience what happens when the stove gets left on low ALL day long!
I hope to see this house stands for another 100 years.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't one fire enough for you? Do you really want to test that new well again?