10 January 2011

Final Day

It's our final day hanging out with the Dietz family. I Love when you can just hang out with friends and just go along with the program. Whether they be puking, be with meetings, disobedient children or any other option, it's truly a blessing to just hang out and live life for a few days.

Today, brought snow. Our thoughts of heading out tonight changed when we woke to this. Didn't we head South? Apparently we brought the mid 20 degree temps and the snow with us. Rather than playing outside in this white fluffy stuff:

the kids can be found entertaining themselves in one fashion or another. These two found the dress up clothes and posed for a few pictures:
These two just played in the floor with whatever toys they could grab onto for a few minutes:

And the oldest two, they did a great job playing together. However, I didn't get a picture of them. They stayed busy playing battleship and other kid games.
Meanwhile I lounged around all morning. As you can see, I didn't bother to get my kids out of their pj's. I guess I better go do that before bed time rolls around again.

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