27 January 2011


How do you put into words that you just lost your grandpa? 
Technically, he's Ryan's grandpa but having no living Grandpa's, I've claimed him as my own. 
Ryan called me at lunch.  I missed the call by a few minutes and called him back starting the conversation with "what's up?"  His reply was "Grandpa died".  Yes, my husbands sees in black and white and would rather just know now.  Me, I much prefer for a warning before you drop the bomb. 
For now, I'm still processing it all in my mind.  My brain knows that Grandpa was 90 and ready to meet Jesus.  My heart aches for the loss.  Hopefully, within a few days, I'll be able to share a few words to tell you about the wonderful man I claim as Grandpa. 


Lisa said...

My sympathy. I'll be praying for the family as you go through the next several days.

DL3 said...