18 January 2011

Crunchy Rice

With the title of this post, you can imagine how the story ends, right?

A while back I prepared a bunch of meals as part of our once-a-month cooking. On this meal, I knew that I was missing a few preparation items which shouldn't be the case when they spell out what's needed for each recipe. Irregardless, I missed something. And apparently, it was more than one something. Since I was with Scott at his optometry appointment, Ryan started the meal when we left Decorah. He put the Jambalaya mixture I had prepared, added the missing bell pepper and bacon bits and tossed in in the oven. Forty minutes later I was home and pulled the baked jambalaya out of the oven. Uh, oh. It looked like there was crunchy rice on top of it!?!?! A taste test verified that it was indeed crunchy. Ryan wondered if I missed the beef broth since the mixture wasn't that moist. Ding-Ding-Ding! Cripes. Now it was after 6, and the meal was all jacked up thanks to me. The bottom of the dish had soft, smooth white rice. We mixed the two together, and headed to the table.

I'm so thankful for a variety of things in this. One is that my husband made no big deal of the situation, stirred the crunchy and soft rice together and moved on with supper. Reminds me of a song where the husband ate burnt supper for the whole first year. I'm thankful that my kids ate it up without complaint. And mostly I'm thankful that we are able to put meals in the freezer ahead of time and not worry about where our next meal is coming from.


Mrs. Deem said...

Ah. That's where I'm headed next month...the world of "freezer meals."

In the scheme of things...crunchy rice ain't no biggie ;)

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