02 January 2011

A good start

Well, since we're two days into the New Year, I wanted to report that so far, so good on my recent goals. They're not New Year's resolutions, but rather recent goals I set up.

One goal is to exercise more often. This gives me some down time and some time to listen to a book or podcast or other challenging/encouraging message. By the way, I've been listening to A Hole in the Gospel. I'm listening through it once as I run and am eager to go through it again and make notes.

Another goal is to eat healthier. It's sometimes hard to do with my family dynamics. One encouraging thing is that Ryan is also interested in eating healthier since his clinic staff is in a Biggest Loser challenge with another nearby clinic. I spent a few hours yesterday hanging out with my buddy, Ali, and doing some grocery shopping. It was great to hear from her young perspective that I had a healthy food cart... that is until she saw the gummy worms! Now, after church today we'll head home quick to prepare all those healthy foods and put them in the freezer for the coming weeks!

May you draw near to God in 2011!

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Hopper family said...

Happy New Year to your family! Best wishes on your goals for the year!

My husband and I are also reading The Hole in our Gospel. A good book!

Best wishes in 2011!
Leah Ann