25 February 2010

Things I learned from having an international visitor:

  1. Talking about cultural differences helps both of us understand. – At meal time Isaac’s culture serves their guest in every way: plate of food, drinks, more food, more drink, taking your plates, etc. They don’t expect you to lift a finger. At my house when food was prepared we got it all ready to be served and then let Isaac serve himself. I didn’t want him to feel like he didn’t get served enough or that he was served too much and had to eat it all.
  2. I pretend to know some Spanish but when it comes to talking to native Spanish speakers, I’m not so sure of myself. – I use lots of Spanish phrases at home with my kids and didn’t do so much of that with Isaac there to judge my inadequacies.
  3. Language barriers suck. Especially if you know just enough to get by but not have a thorough conversation. – I found myself on more than one occasion not knowing the Spanish translation for a word. Since we were all tired, it was easier to just forget the conversation all together. I also found myself not having in depth conversations with him because of the language barrier.
  4. I can make “real” Chorizo and Eggs. – The first morning I made this for breakfast, Isaac told me that he felt like he was eating in Mexico. Maybe he was just being nice but it made me feel good.
  5. Sleep is important. Early mornings and late nights can really wear a person down. No energy = bad attitude for me.
  6. Community living, at least during supper each night, was very cool. – I loved gathering with like minded friends for a meal, to watch our kids interact, to talk about what God is up to, to sing together, etc.

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