25 February 2010

Adios Amigo

It was been a wonderful but tiring few days. We have enjoyed having Isaac here. He definitely got to see rural Northeast Iowa stuff:
  • playing board games
  • ice fishing on the Mississippi
  • drove a John Deere tractor
  • sledding
  • snowboarding
  • drinking hot chocolate
  • spayed a dog with Ryan (the local vet)
  • toured the local hospital (his mom is the chief nurse at a hospital in Mexico City)
  • toured the local University where some friends work
  • worked out at the ghetto gym with the guys

We all had a great time hanging out with Isaac and each other. As a group we joined together for dinner each night (those who could make it), ate too much food and stayed up late.

This morning we just saw Isaac off. It wasn't sad at all to say goodbye this time because I'm guessing we'll see him in the future. Who knows when that will be. I do know that he's doing a missions project up in the mountains where he's working with livestock and sustainability with the locals. Something that is right up Ryan and my alley as far as education and experience. We'll see.

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