08 February 2010

Health and Weather

Ryan took Scott to the doctor. He has scarletina/strep throat. And the doctor said that since I've also had a sore throat and the same thing as Scott (though I've never actually checked my temperature), I probably have it too. He sent Ryan out the door with a prescription for Scott and for me. Nice!

Big snow storm supposed to hit here. My all day meeting for tomorrow is cancelled. I brought work home with me cause I'm so behind at the office. Maybe we will get snowed in tonight. Who knows. I could really use to sleep in tomorrow so I will be taking a benadryl tonight which will help me sleep and help with the itch :)

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Kristine said...

Poor guy... And poor you! I've felt terrible all weekend, thinking i surely had the flu, but it was strep. Hope y'all feel better quick!