03 February 2010

iTouch Apps

I'm considering getting an iTouch. I've been checking them out each time I stop at walmart and its tempting. I love using my ipod for podcasts, kids music, etc. But its an old one and doesn't have a lot of space. Thus the thought of a new one, with wifi capability, continually grabs at my interest.

Because I'm out of touch with apple products, I'm trying to determine if an iTouch is really for me. I like the idea of more space so I can hold more music and more podcasts. I like the idea of wifi. What I'm unsure of is how the apps work. And what apps might be good for me.

So here's my questions for you:
  1. What can you tell me about the different apps? How do they work? How much space do they take, or better said, how many can you have on your iTouch?
  2. What apps do you think I would be interested in having?
  3. Is there only the one place to get apps - the apple apps store?


Sharon said...

I got an iphone this last summer (like the itouch with a phone) and I can't live without it. BUT I use it mostly on the go for email, maps, etc.

Patty said...

My husband has one and he loves it. I haven't taken the time to experiment with it yet so I couldn't tell you anything about the apps - as far as where you get them or how many you can have - but I know he has a ton and they are pretty cool! I don't think you would be disappointed with your purchase.

Jenni said...

My husband, my kids and myself all switched to an Ipod Touch from the Nano this Christmas. I was skeptical at first, but now all I can say is WOW.

We bought the 32gb model from Costco. (Had the 8gb Nano-- no comparison!!) There are some really neat apps depending on your personality. The main ones I have on my front page (besides my music and videos) are Words (Scrabble), Facebook, Email, .. I don't use a lot of the apps on there, but there are calorie trackers, menu plans, I have my Wells Fargo app on there to check my banking... the list is endless.

My suggestion would be to go to your iTunes account and check out the App store. You can see for yourself if there are ones you would use.

Jenni said...

Also... the only place I have gotten my apps is from the Itunes store, and 99% of the ones I have were FREE. The kisd have bought a few like Family Feud or something, but otherwise we stick to the free ones.

Tiffany said...

My hubby has one, and is with it all of the time. I am completely lost with it! My four year old daughter handles it quite nicely. I know there is a Starbucks app and a mint.com app. That is ALL I know! Ha!
(Great blog)

Kristine said...

Love my iPhone. Tons more space than your nano, handy for keeping some kids apps and videos for when you need to entertain them at the doctor's or while waiting for a table at a restaurant. Most apps don't take up too much space. My iPhone probably has 70 apps (of which, I only use about 15 on a regular basis). Videos take up the most space. But you would love it... Remember, though, you'll only have wi-fi where there is free wi-fi available. If you use your iPod that much, you would LOVE it :) And your kids will love it.

Me! said...

I would just go the whole way and get the iPhone. The iphone/itouch is not only great for the music and the apps but also because I can get my email, check blogs, and most importantly sync my work calendar to my iphone. I carry just one device in my purse instead of before carrying a phone, pda, and ipod in my purse. With the iphone you don't need wifi to use email, internet, etc. For a $10 data plan per month you can constantly be able to access internet everywhere.

Like you I was a bit confused as to how to download apps. All you do from your device is touch the little blue "app store" icon and bam! you are connected to all the apps out there. You enter a search word "soduko" for example and all the soduko related apps display. Some are free and some are 99 cents or more. You select the one you want after reading user reviews and 30 seconds later that app is on your phone and ready to use. No needing to search on the internet or connect your device to your computer in order to download the app. The apps don't take much space so you can really download as many as you'd like.

My fav apps: skype, task pro, soduko, facebook, Chase (my bank), netflix, sirius xm, spanish dictionary and translator, and several free games that are great for when you are standing in line at the store and bored.


iatraveler said...

Don't get the iPhone unless you already use & like AT&T.

I have a iTouch and love it. The apps are great- especially the games for kids. Keeps my girls happy when we have to wait somewhere. I haven't loaded movies on it yet- need to do that.