11 February 2010

Heartache for Haiti

Last night our bible study watched a video that broke my heart. I'd watched a 7 minute overview of it the other night to decide if we wanted to use that during our offeratory at church on Sunday when we take a special offerring for Haiti.

The longer version of the video is just over an hour and is tough to watch but good to know. I want real life stuff like this to affect me, to change the way I live. I've personally found that watching shows like CSI, NCIS, etc hardens my heart to the realities of things going on in our world. Seeing people dead on the street on a video is too normal to me. Though this idea is weighing heavy on my heart, its not the point of my post.

As I watched the video 32 hours: the church in haiti done by Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church, I was amazed at what I saw. The earthquake was devastating. But the hardest part for me to swallow is that it will only get worse. A few thoughts that stuck with me last night are:
  1. There is no police, no system of protection.
  2. What do you do with 4-story structures that need to be completely demolished. Where does the rubble go?
  3. People can't sleep on the street forever.
  4. People are shooting people over a gallon of clean water.
  5. People are digging out dead bodies with their bare hands (covered by bags because they don't have gloves). The wallets, shoes, belts (and other useful items) are removed and re-used because people don't have that stuff.
  6. I have multiples of each of the items mentioned above.
  7. Where do people sleep when the rainy season comes NEXT month?
  8. Do the people know how to feed themselves? Grow a garden? What kind of quality soil do they have in the country side?

I prayed last night that this would be on my heart enough that it would change me. That I would act differently, do something. Right now that something is prayer and finances. Oh Lord, would I be diligent to pray for and speak in behalf of YOUR children. Like Mark Driscoll said on the video, they too are image bearers of Christ... laying dead in the street. How can that be okay?

Take a coffee break and watch this video:

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