15 October 2009

Life Takes Over

Today I have a sick kid at home. Well not really at home, but at his Grammy's. I'm so thankful that they are so involved in our day to day lives. Scott cried this morning when he couldn't go to school. He loves school and had even made a little card for one of the girls in his class. Yes, a GIRL. Not so sure what I think about that. I quizzed him about her and this is the one child who's last name he doesn't know. I'm a protective mama and want to know who his friends are, who their parents are, and WHY he's already making a card for her???? Cute for now, I know. But it will only progress I think.

Got my hair chopped yesterday. It was WAY overdue! Living in cruise control lately. Trying to do everything and not doing anything so great it seems like. This is the season though and I'm thankful that God has put different things on my heart.

Off I go. Have chapter 8 of Crazy Love to read before bible study tonight, even though I'm staying home with the little guy!

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