20 October 2009

I think he's nocturnal

Scott and I pulled another all-nighter.  When we went to bed last night he was still awake even though he was told to go right to sleep and get rested so he could go to school.  About midnight he started puking.  Poor kid.  By time I changed his sheets, changed his clothes, got him all settled and went to the basement to start laundry, he had puked some more.  Fun job at midnight!  I ended up staying in his room with him while we had our own little sleep over.  It was quite fun and every few minutes (it seemed but I couldn't see his clock) we went through the routine of restlessness where I grabbed the trashcan, he dry-heaved, said he was done, snuggled up to me and I scratched his back.  I constantly prayed over him for his health and for mine as this is a busy week.  He was so sweet about it all and though I wasn't getting any sleep, it wasn't that bad. 
I'm so glad I didn't take benadryl to help with my allergies or I would've been dragging! 
At 5am when Ryan's alarm went off, he ventured into Scott's room to find out what was going on.  Scott was finally sleeping soundly and I was desperate for my comfy bed!  I texted my girls that I wouldn't be working out, listened to the guys have their accountability time over coffee, wished I'd worked out since I was awake anyway, and eventually conked out hard.  It was 840 when I woke up!  Thank you Jesus for some rest!
This morning I had a bright-eyed bushy tailed little boy who was insistent that he felt fine.  I was sure that his puking party was not the flu even though the media has everyone scared to death about it.  It was sure to be related to one or both of the following: 1. Sinus drainage - it causes an upset stomach and we've been there before.  2. Cough syrup with codeine - he hadn't had much to eat at supper and codeine can cause upset stomachs.  No fun regardless.


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