16 October 2009

Give This One to Daddy

Last night I stayed home with the kids while Ryan went to bible study. It was good to focus on them for a while. When I was tucking Scott in bed, he was really snuggly and had been all day (the benefit of a sick kid). He gave me the longest, sweetest bear hug. It warmed my heart to think he wanted to hug me that much. In an instant, he let go and asked me to give that hug to his daddy. It was still sweet, even though the hug wasn't for me. It was neat because his daddy is the one who tucks him in and tells him a story every night. He must have missed him last night. He did continue with a few more genuine hugs and named off the individuals who I wasa told to give them to. I love my son!

In case you're wondering, no, he's not perfect. I did leave out the drama of eating supper and the pooping in his undies stories :)

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