16 October 2009

Remembering Scott Redfern

Just wanted to share this with you to see if its something you might find interest in. Scott was a dear friend of mine in my teenage years. He led me to Christ in those years and died in a tragic accident when we were sophomores. Scott's life and death has left a legacy that has impacted many, including myself and maybe you too. I love and cherish the memories of my dear friend and of course want to participate. Take a look below (the layout changed a bit by posting it here but you'll get the idea) and if you feel like this is something you want to be involved in, you can contact bonnie@newpathcenter.org

ps. the Byers are actually Scott's cousins who are missionaries in Germany. Cool people (from what I hear) and actually preached a message at First Baptist in Kingsburg when they were home last summer on furlough.

Have a great weekend

a project of
New Path Center

Scott's 30th Birthday

We wish we could celebrate with him, but honoring his memory in this way brings joy to us and furthers God's Kingdom around the world.
Thank you to those who have responded
with your memories of Scott.
We are blessed by your friendship and love.

We invite you to join us in remembering Scott's birthday with a donation to purchase a Kiln for Köln for Dave and Rachel Byers, missionaries in Germany with Greater Europe Mission.
See the details below!
Kiln for ln
Last Friday was the db KUNST Einweihungsfeier (Grand Opening). Those who attended shared the excitement as friends and neighbors were welcomed at the new shop at Unter Kahlenhausen 43.

What a light in the darkness this shop
will be as Dave and Rachel minister through their artistic talents and build relationships with the German people to share the message of Christ.
Take a look at db KUNST Opening:
db Kunst Opedning

db kunst opening 4

What is Kiln for Köln?
Old kilnTop Loading KilnKiln for Köln is a project, in Scott's memory, to purchase a new kiln for db Kunst. Dave's kiln, pictured on the left, is no longer working. The cost to purchase a new one, similar to the one on the right, is $3,200.

To mark Scott's 30 years, we hope to receive 30 donations of $100 for the Kiln for Köln project to purchase the new kiln for Dave's shop.

To date, we have received checks and pledges totaling $1,100. We would love to hear from you so we can send the funds to the Byers by Scott's 30th birthday, November 23rd.

Dave reports: "A reliable firing kiln is the most important piece of equipment in the studio. Everything really hangs on it."

Perhaps you can't give $100 . . .
Three of Scott's friends from high school could not give $100 each, so they are splitting it three ways! Thanks for your creativity!

Thanks so much for remembering Scott in this way.

Please make your check out to
New Path Center and write Kiln for Köln
on the memo line on your check.
Your gift is a tax-deductible donation and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.
Please mail checks to:
New Path Center
PO Box 874, Kingsburg, CA 93631-0874
Attn: Kiln for Köln
PO Box 874

Kingsburg CA

New Path Center is a registered
db storefront
Click here
to visit the website of
db Kunst
to see
what God
is doing
in Köln
Tony and Bonnie 1974
Visit the Byers' website
to read about their own personal journey of transformation. You will understand
why the arts
are so much
a part of how they live out
the gospel message of
a God
who restores.
Scott IHS
November 23, 1979 ~ February 6, 1996

Birthday, Scott
Read Scott's story here.

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Bonnie said...

Thanks, Tammi, for cherishing the memories! Love to the family!