13 November 2008

Thursday already?

I've had so much to blog about. Random things but that's how my life is right now. If only I had a phone with email on it so I could do a quick post when I'm stopped along side the road after watching a corn field burn thanks to corn stalks that caught on fire under my work truck. I wish I had the internet at home to post a quick video of Bethany jabbering like crazy when I was home with the kids on Tuesday or to tell you about her repeating "Noah, Noah" while she laid in her crib and a friend's baby, Noah, slept in the room next to her. I wish I worked for a private company that would allow me to blog about all the craziness of things at work, while at work. I wish I had the time at work (or the memory to do it after work) to tell you about the guy who complimented my wedding ring at least 4 times yesterday (Ryan, if you're reading this, Connie and I are sure that you probably paid him to say that so I would quit asking you about having my ring reset). But I don't.

I've been swamped with a million things going on at home. I have so much to do that it would be easy for me to be a workaholic. But, I know that I'm needed at home so I try to find the middle ground and not spend too much extra time at the office. I know that I should be home with my family but I also know that the extra hour at the office earns me some much needed vacation time.

I've been intrigued a lot by the lack of "care" that people have around my work environment. They care about their work but don't seem to care about how you are or who you are. I guess I'm just a little different in how I work. I know that my job is important and that it needs to get done but I'm also a firm believer in caring about people. Showing a genuine interest in who they are and how life is for them. I was out with a farmer earlier that asked me about my family and then talked a little about his family, how they chose to raise their kids, etc. I was suprised by it. And just a few minutes ago, I had a guy in the office who was diagnosed with cancer on his tongue this summer. And because of his health issues we're trying to make some changes to a contract he has. I helped the guy write his letter to the management folks who have the final say. He was so appreciative and said "I couldn't have written it better myself". All because I took a few minutes to ask and listen.

Recently a lady in our building resigned after dealing with too much stress, struggling with alcoholism and some health issues as well. She is my friend. I have since been asked by her boss (via my boss) to not talk about her while at work. I can understand that they want to get over the issues stemming from her resignation but at the same time, she's a person and there are several of us in the building who care about her. How selfish and sad to ask that I not mention her at all. And on top of that, how degrading for her to tell my boss that I spend time on her side of the building talking about said person. That boss is either mis-informed or making stuff up, either of which are a mis-reprensentation of my character. I don't talk about her all the time anyway. Should I be sorry for caring?

On another note, it is Thursday. I have bible study tonight and have yet to do my study. Whoops. Tuesday I was home all day with the kids but never had a minute to myself. Last night I had Noah and then some other friends came over until late. I guess that means I'll have to rush through it tonight. I know that I don't get as much out of it then, but its too late now.

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Ashley said...

Not mention her? What a thing to ask of you all.