04 November 2008

Free to Vote

I voted today.  Have you?

I was encouraged and frustrated at my local polling place.  Encouraged that so many were out to vote early this morning and frustrated that I had to wait 15 minutes to vote.  I thank God that we live in a place where we have the freedom to vote.  I complain about a 15 minute wait when people in other nations walk miles to the polling center and then stand in line for 4 hours to vote.
I hope you take the time today to vote not only for our next president but also for the local offices that will be filled.

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Wedehase Family Blog said...

I think we should be excited that you DID have to wait for 15 minutes. It shows that people care and are out there voting.

We have had our absentee ballots on the counter for a month now. We'll be sure to go turn them in to a polling place before night's end.

Ashley said...

We live in the best country ever!