17 November 2008

Last night

Last night we watched a show where a family adopted 8 kids. Some from Haiti and some from the inner city. I was blown away by their love for others. Tears filled my eyes and I turned to Ryan and said something like "I wanna adopt".


Amy said...

Yah, we watched it too. Gut-wrenching. Adoption is so amazing!

Christina said...

I pray that adoption works out for you if that's what God is calling you to do and it's your heart's desire. We know a couple that had 5 biological children under the age of 18 and decided to adopt from Haiti. Sadly, the baby passed shortly before they got him and they ended up meeting two other little boys on the trip that they had planned on picking up Noah. They fell in love with those two and after months and months, they got to pick them up the day after Mother's Day. I cry regularly reading their blog and how much of a blessing it's been to them. They are the "Dunn Family" on my blog friends. Feel free to stop by and read some of their story.

Ashley said...

adoption IS hard and wonderful!!