26 November 2008

but it will be warm and there will be food

Monday night we did laundry, dishes, and the regular house keeping items that need to be done after a full day of shopping on Saturday and a day of "rest" on Sunday. Last night was supposed to be the night I spent making the house shine. Know what I did last night? We came home, baked a frozen pizza, cleaned up the toys long enough to sweep and vacuum before the kids tore their toys back out. The kids went to bed and I curled up on the couch and finished putting the binding on Bethany's quilt.

I didn't mop the floor in the kitchen, shoot, I didn't even sweep it. I didn't get the spare bedroom that the girls will be sleeping in cleaned. I didn't scrub my shower but I did wipe down the counter and shove stuff under the sink. I didn't get my house in perfect order partly because I was lazy and partly because I'm learning that it's okay to be like that. The students and my parents that come over for Thanksgiving won't care. They'll be glad that the house is warm and there will be food.

Happy Thanksgiving friends and family!


Amy said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for!

Ashley said...

being warm and having food and a wonderful family like yours is a wonderful thing to be thankful for - you are right! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!