07 November 2008

Healthy Eating

I ate a home-made ice-cream sandwich for breakfast this morning. It was good.

I have totally changed my eating style. No more going back for 2nds or 3rds. No more snacking all the time. No more drinking a slim fast and eating a granola bar. It was hard at first but now its good and I like how I feel, even if at my physical yesterday I still weigh way more than I want to. Last night we had bible study at our house. We served Wild Rice Soup and for dessert Ryan served home-made ice-cream sandwiches. They were yummy. So much so that I skipped the slim fast this morning and had an ice-cream sandwich.


Anonymous said...

Good for you!!!! Eunice

jerelyn said...

Yummmyy!!! Ice cream sandwiches. Especially for breakfast! What a treat!

Ashley said...

Right now I am eating pecan pie. But an ice cream sandwich sounds much better!