23 April 2008

What's that Word?

I'm so drawing a blank right now on a specific word that I want to use... I'll type my post anyway and maybe I'll remember while I type.

Several times this week I've seen/read something and then later that day something happened directly related to what I saw/read earlier... dangit, its hard to explain without that word. I thought it would be fun to share those two events.

1. Friday night as I drove home from work, I saw a place where a spring was flowing out of the hill side. It's not uncommon around here to see that but the fact that I'd not seen it in that location before caught my attention. So, I turned around, pulled out my camera and snapped a few photos of it. Water flowing in an uncommon place, hmm. Imagine my surprise when I got home to see water flowing in my basement. Unlike Ryan, I found it amusing and quickly found myself singing songs pushing the broom. God, you're funny like that!

I didn't actually take a picture of the flooded basement but you get the idea. 1.5 to 2" of standing water... do you really need a picture?

2. The second "God, you're funny" moment came Monday ish. I was reading Merritt's blog about snake bites. No doubt, I was intrigued by her post as I know not to feed a snake in a tank but didn't know how to get one to release once it bites. Later that night while I was putting the kids to bed, the phone rang. It was my mom telling me that my cousin, Corey, had been bit by a rattlesnake and was in the hospital. Not a fun experience I'm sure. Here's a picture of his finger post bite:


CORI said...

I always wanted a basement. Maybe not now after seeing your pics.

Where was your cousin when he got bit by the rattler? CA or Iowa?

Amy said...

Hope your basement problems are solved soon! You should sing "I've got a River of Life!" for Ryan...hee hee!

Ashley said...

is the word...forshadow (sp?)

Me said...

Do you mean Deja Vu?

p.s. love your music!

jerelyn said...

I like the look of your new blog! Not so fun water in the basement OR cousin bit by a rattler...yuck.

Me said...

Yes, I would love a list of things to get before the baby comes! You can email me at:

greytgrl at hotmail dot com


Meritt said...

Uh... sorry to hear about the snake bite. I have to admit I'm scared to death of poisonous snakes! LOL. I only deal with the squeezable kind. LOL.