25 April 2008

The Sky is Falling

Okay, so maybe the sky isn't really falling but it is flooding around here. The rivers are running wild, claiming the crop fields and some residences. The creeks have become raging rivers and the road ditches are like the canals I grew up with - full and running swiftly. Fields are ponded, bottom land is flooded and mini ditches have formed in all the crop fields where there should be waterways (hmm, I wonder if that will increase my work load any). Life is good though amidst all that. God provides all of our needs and then some!


CORI said...

I can only imagine how much flooding you will get after all that rain and snow you got this winter. ;-(

Fantastagirl said...

It's a little wet here - I know your water isn't in our watershed, but we don't need anymore either. Helped moved a friend out of her basement, and sandbagged the house. They are waiting to see how much more water comes up before pulling the furnace and water heater (waiting for that call at 1:00 AM)

Ashley said...

It was 94 here yesterday. I will ask God to send our warm weather your way to help evaporate all the extra water lying around!:-)