14 April 2008

Spring, are you here yet?

Two Fridays ago I took the kids for a walk after work. It was gorgeous out. And by gorgeous, I'm talking 50's and a light breeze. It obviously wasn't the high 80's and having margaritas by the pool like my sister is enjoying but we had fun together. Instead of the typical stop for ice-cream, we stopped and bought a twinkie to share on the main street step. Bethany demanded her fair share of the twinkie too.
Our little stroll though town didn't start out well when Scott thought he had to be in his stroller. I even so much as let him try to get in the basket below just to let him find out that he was better off walking. It worked and we went on our merry little way. We walked for a while, partly to kill time before heading to a friends for supper. It worked out perfectly. As we were walking past their house, Vanessa was pulling in the driveway for work. So, we continued on our walk with our friends. The kids wanted to stop at the park so we played there for a little bit. The picture above was taken there. I know, its not a pretty picture but WE WERE OUTSIDE and weren't in winter coats. Yipee!
Tomorrow we expect to get into the 60's. Yes, Aimee, you can continue sipping your margarita by the pool and although I'll be jealous, I'll be tickled pink that its warming up here!


CORI said...

It was 95 here all weekend. Yesterday it dropped back down to 85!

Amy said...

Yup, in the Central Valley it was 92. Now I like the sun, but I don't really like sweating in April. Glad your weather is being a little nicer to you!

jerelyn said...

I see no snow! Doesn't even look cold! Are you sure you're still in Iowa....?? :-)

Ashley said...

Hope it is continuing to warm up!