01 April 2008

...and its gone!

I had something good to post about this morning. But now, when I'm done with work and able to post, I can't remember. Crap!

*********** edited at 6:05 when my memory came back*********
So, these contacts... [I must be in a witchy mood lately].... have become a thorn in my side. Last week I somehow got a tiny problem in my contact. Friday, I had to take them out because it was irritating my eye, their touric lenses and rotate when I blink but that must have not worked with this little problem. No big deal since I had recently left a message at the optometrist telling I liked this second set and could order these. Because my optometrist is 40 miles away and I don't have the time or gas money to drive up there, I called a friend for help. They were headed up that way and would pick up my new lenses. Let me remind you that I've NEVER ordered them before so I'm not sure what all this entails. So, I call the office and ask them if my friend could pick them up. I explained that the situation and she said it was no problem. When I got to their house last night to get them, they let me know that Nick had to pay for them. I was ticked. Why didn't they tell me that they would need to be paid for first. Yes, I understand that we pay for things but usually they bill me for everything else so why not this time? So, I cut them a check for the $128 they paid. Yeah, that wasn't in the budget either. So, now we have two non budgeted items totalling $170 in a few days not to mention the baby gift that Ryan's making. This morning I go to put my new contacts in and they're not labeled. Well, they're labeled with the Rx but I don't know which eye is which. So, I get the paper with the Rx on it and it fortunately tells me. Only, it says "OS" and "OD". What the heck does that mean? Maybe I'm a moron but having not piddled with this crap before, I had no clue. You would think they'd do a little educating. And my coworker, said this morning that her people label her contacts and she's worn them for years. Yes, I had to carry my contacts to work, jump on webMD and find out which eye was which. Now I know.

So let me recap:
1. No education for a new user.
2. No follow up phone call about the order (price, time frame, etc)
3. Didn't inform me that my friend would have to front $128 for my crap
4. Didn't bother to charge me like they do everything else.

How's that for customer service?


Amy said...

Ahhh the real world. That's why most of us prefer our cozy little bubbles.

Meritt said...

But... you left us hanging. Which is which? OS is??? OD is ???


Ashley said...

Yeah - I'd like to know too!