16 December 2004

Life Focus
Another excerpt from the Life Focus Newsletter:
The vector principle describes the direction in which an object is moving, momentum describes the velocity in which it is moving. Interestingly, vector cannot be measured until there is momentum. Momentum cannot happen until there is an initial step of action. If you are sitting on a bicycle facing west, but you want to go north, turning the handle bars is not enough to move you North. You must take that first step on the pedals in order to create motion. It is only after motion has begun that you see the impact of turning those handle bars in the right direction.
So it is with your life. If you know what you must do, but you don't take that first step, you will remain frozen in your current state looking at what could be. My encouragement for you this month is begin taking action. Set your eyes on those goals you have for yourself. Decide what must be done to get there and then establish small, attainable and measurable goals that will set you on the right path of achieving your dreams.

Small Change Challenge
1. Write a narrative of the life you want to live. (This can be one paragraph or several pages) Be very specific as you describe various aspects of the life you want.
2. What are the three most important changes that you need to make in your life to reach your goals? (write them out and be very specific)
3. What action step can you take in the next 48 hrs. that will create momentum in the right direction? (this can be anything from making a phone call or setting up an appointment with a key individual who can help you accomplish a task) I am confident that if you will follow through with this first Small Change Challenge you will be on your way to living the life you want to live

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