13 December 2004

Just a few more days left...
Yeah for a good and relaxing weekend we had! Saturday I slept in till 8am. Snacked for breakfast and piddled around the house. Ryan made pancakes and sausage for lunch, it was yummy. Saturday afternoon we ran to a few stores in town for stocking stuffers and groceries. I decorated with some more Christmas stuff and picked up a few rooms. Sunday then we had church and my little Henderson buddies came over. They're pre-K, 2nd and 4th grade. We had hot chocolate and watched the Cinderella story (if that's the real name) with Hillary Duff and also watched Shrek 2. Ryan and I make pizza on french bread for supper when Mike and Eva came to get their kids. The house wasn't spic and span and I was only minorly (is that a word?) worried about it.
Our upcoming week will be busy. Our favorite Culligan Man, Doug, who we also attend church with, is bringing us one of those big bottled water things where you can get cold or tap water out of it. During the rest of the week I have a few things to pick up for gifts yet. We were all done except some gifts Ryan was making. Well, his honey-do list has taken priority and his gift making has ceased. So, now I need to get my butt out with all of you other procrastinators and do some shopping for a few people. We have quite the weekend scheduled too. Some friends of ours are moving and we'll be helping with that. Plus, we're have some friends over for supper Saturday night and my house MUST be clean for that. Then Sunday is the Christmas program for the children of the church. Monday is work and a girls party afterwards and Tuesday we fly out to Arizona for Christmas and relaxation. Since its 17 degrees here with 40-50 mph winds, I'm looking forward to 70 degrees in AZ. Yeah, for vacations!

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