06 December 2004

It feels like Christmas
Last night we finished up a veterinary call it was just starting to spit a light sprinkle and we joined the Bishop family inside the house for supper and fellowship. What a great time hanging out with friends (who also happen to be a deacon of the church as well as one of Ryan's clients). We heard all 4 kids share Christmas songs on the piano, shared a meal and lots of good laughs. We left their house several hours later and walked out to see half an inch of snow on the ground. It was gorgeous driving home as the snow was falling fast and in abundance. Then we got home and walked down through the pasture together to move our goat out of the snow and into the barn. We were covered in snow. What a fun time for us. Christmas is coming but now it feels like Christmas around here. This week should be warm but I expect the snow to be back soon :)

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